Norton Construction Decking and Porches in NHGet your home Summertime ready

Feel the rays of that beautiful sun shine down.  Summer’s here! And just like us, too much of a good thing can damage your home’s siding.

Norton Construction offers Owens Corning products such as their WeatherLock Specialty Tile & Metal underlayment for your home’s exterior; it resists UV radiation exposure up to 90 days AND has a 30 year limited warranty!

For more information visit the Owens Corning link here:

Why not call Norton Construction in for the installation job?  While you’re at it, you can call Norton to help you with a new deck for the family’s annual summer barbecue!  Less time on home projects = more quality time with the family out in the sunshine.

Norton can lend a hand with that, contact us for a free consultation.

Remember to check and clean your gutters now, to prevent water damage down the road!

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